A project that invites men to speak up, challenge gender stereotypes and promote change.


The Good Men Project was a new initiative in 2018 that grew from conversations Hills Community Aid workers had with men where they identified that they would like to be part of social change, but found it hard to find a voice or to access opportunities to make a stand.


We believe that good men can help create change in society by being positive role models to other men and boys, by promoting equal relationships based on respect and by challenging unhelpful gender stereotypes.


Our 2021 Good Men Project has seen men aged 14 years and over share their views on respect, gender stereotypes and what it means to them to be a “Good Man”.  We invite you to take your time to read through our 2021 Good Men Project, talk to friends, family and work colleagues about these and the other good men in your community and encourage the men you know to become part of the conversation to help break down unhelpful gender stereotypes.  


For further information on the project please contact our Safer Communities Program Worker on 02 9639 8620 or email safecommunities@hca.org.au

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